Saturday, March 31, 2012

It Begins!

The kitchen

My mother in law and Tao our contractor

The master bedroom with a lovely seat for two outside.

The trash is piling up in the garage. Look at my beautiful beadboard for my kitchen and dining room though!

Above are a few pictures of our new place. The pictures were taken after everything was pretty gutted. Everything was very dated.

The beginning of our new adventure. It obviously needs quite a good amount of work, but it has an incredible amount of potential. It is 1,460 sq ft, and has double master bedrooms and a half bath downstairs. Julian is one lucky kid because he is getting a huge bedroom!

There were several things that made me fall in love with this place:

1. Gated community
2. Landscaping is amazing! Grass and hills everywhere! Perfect for Julian as gets older.
3. A lot of natural light
4. Attached garage! Very important when you have a baby!
5. Generous amount of open parking for guests.
6. High vaulted ceilings. I love the open feeling of a room.

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