Sunday, April 1, 2012


The first thing that must go is the kitchen! I want my kitchen to be white like a country cottage. I have TONS of shabby chic and vintage items from my wedding that I plan to decorate my new house with so I am completely changing my living decor. They motto is "white and light!"

Here are a couple inspiration photos of what I have in mind:

Eric and I are very lucky because his best friend, David, (who happens to be married to my best friend) is a custom cabinet craftsman. He can build anything, and his work is amazing! So obviously we hired him to help us make our kitchen into a reality. Obviously, what David would really love to do is tear everything out and start new, but we are on a tight budget so David has thought up some great ideas to help us save money.

1. Keep top cabinets and simply refinish.
2. Completely brand new bottom cabinets. Our old ones didn't seem secure enough for granite. David went ahead and made these and painted them in 2 days!!!
3. Get all new doors. David happened to have extra bottom cabinet doors from his place when they first moved into their new home, so all we needed to order was new top doors!
4. Crown molding.

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